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Where the ‘meme stock’ phenomenon stands, 2 and a half years after the GameStop craze : NPR

what is the next meme stock

Without their cult followings, meme stocks are not necessarily valuable assets. These online communities, such as the popular Reddit forum WallStreetBets, coordinate buying and selling efforts to influence stock prices. With enough online support, meme stocks can maintain elevated stock prices regardless of the underlying company’s worth.

what is the next meme stock

From there, the number of retail investors buying shares and call options snowballed, driving up the price. The price increase drove out some short sellers early on as it attracted various big-name investors and public figures, such as Elon Musk and venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya. Meme stocks have been a boon to investors, day traders, and brokerage platforms but companies have also capitalized on the meme stock phenomenon.

What started the meme stock movement?

Capital gains tax rates are especially high on stocks you held for less than a year. Short selling is when somebody sells shares that they do not own, hoping to buy them back at a lower price. That seller must borrow shares from somebody who is long the stock in order to sell them. As more and more shares are sold short in this way, there are fewer shares left available to borrow. Once a stock becomes hard to borrow, even the most motivated short seller may be unable to do so. A few days later, the former CEO of and investor Ryan Cohen purchased an unknown amount of GME stock, which Gill acknowledged on Twitter (now X).

  1. However, simply writing off all meme stocks as too risky can be a mistake.
  2. That seller must borrow shares from somebody who is long the stock in order to sell them.
  3. The incredible surge of GME stock last year, which took its shares from around $4 in mid-2020 to more than $480 per share in January 2021, was one of the most incredible near-term short squeezes I’ve ever seen.
  4. Meme stocks, however, didn’t truly emerge until the year 2020 via the Reddit forum r/wallstreetbets.
  5. GameStop, among the first meme stocks, is a prime example of how the retail investor community identified a highly shorted stock and used a short squeeze to work in their favor.

The new movie “Dumb Money” is about the GameStop craze in 2021 when amateur traders banded together on the social media site Reddit to give professional investors a run for their money. Because a surge in buying activity can send a stock price soaring, there are some benefits to owning meme stocks (and potential meme stocks before they rocket higher). While it is possible to make money with meme stocks, it is an extremely risky venture.

Other meme names have included, among others, Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (BBBY), Koss Corp. (KOSS), Vinco Ventures (BBIG),, and even the meme stock enabler Robinhood Markets Inc. (HOOD). The sorts of short squeezes and parabolic moves that have proliferated really defied the rules of theoretical finance. Seeing some of these rallies play out, by the shares of  companies with dubious fundamentals, has been remarkable. The word “meme,” from the ancient Greek word “mimema” — meaning imitation — is used to describe information that is imitated and often spread via pop culture references on social media. Thus, a meme stock is a shared investing idea imitated by other investors. If you’re thinking about buying and selling meme stocks, keep in mind that you will probably have to pay taxes on your profits.

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In 2022, Bed Bath & Beyond announced intentions to sell 12 million shares in a secondary offering as meme stock promoters pumped the value of its stock. However, the stock fell steeply following the company’s announcement of the plan. A meme is an idea or some element of popular culture that spreads and multiplies across people’s minds. Memes gained increasing prevalence and relevance as the internet and social media grew. They allow people to rapidly spread humorous, interesting, or sarcastic videos, images, or posts to others around the world. The rapid and multiplicative effect of sharing such posts could make them go viral.

what is the next meme stock

Meme stocks became all the rage among retail investors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meme stocks are created when a company’s shares catch fire with individual investors on social media platforms such as Reddit and quickly skyrocket in price. But, as many traditional investors and analysts point out, these viral stocks can be very risky since they rely on high interest from small investors to sustain the stock prices’ liftoff “to the moon.” Simply put, meme stocks skyrocket in price in a short period (often hours or days) because of a sudden surge in interest online or on social media and subsequent buying among small individual investors. These short-term surges can often reverse course just as quickly, though, making meme stocks far more volatile than average stock market moves.

He currently researches and teaches economic sociology and the social studies of finance at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In any case, I’d certainly recommend considering buying MSFT stock now . I’ve been interested in the shares for some time, and I may pull the trigger on it soon. This company’s status as a 5G provider does give investors reason to be upbeat about its growth outlook. However, it was Nokia’s following on forums such as Reddit’s WallStreetBets which really galvanized many investors to pile into this name.

Red Alert: Why Rivian Stock Is Another EV ‘No Go’

This Canadian company is known for pioneering the smartphone, but it quickly went by the wayside when Apple revolutionized the space. These days, Blackberry is a software firm providing endpoint security software and other Internet of Things management products for customers such as the auto industry. When you open and fund an eligible Charles Schwab account with a qualifying net deposit of cash or securities. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. Roaring Kitty’s real name is Keith Gill who was also on Reddit as u/deepF…Value and active on the subreddit r/wallstreetbets. Investing can be the most surefire path to becoming and remaining financially free.

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Diversification across multiple investments helps buoy your portfolio in case one investment sinks. GameStop may have started the meme stock mania, but others have followed in its footsteps. Below are the five best-performing stocks in the Solactive Roundhill Meme Stock Index, ordered by one-year returns. Meme stocks are actual stocks listed on exchanges and available for trade. However, critics argue that their price performance and appeal have little to do with their fundamentals and much to do with their entertainment value as speculative playthings, much like casino games.

With expertise in FX, macros, equity analysis, and investment advisory, Stavros delivers investors strategic guidance and valuable insights. Get stock recommendations, portfolio guidance, and more from The Motley Fool’s premium services. Volatility profiles based on trailing-three-year calculations of the standard deviation of service investment returns.

Retail investors are also likely to remain keen to pick up on the latest meme stock. Dominated by younger investors, meme stocks are still seen as a way to generate outsized returns in a short period, especially in the face of rising housing costs and inflation in general. But meme stocks also remain very volatile and risky, and retail investors are likely to be the ones to experience the most losses if it all comes crashing down. The YouTube persona Roaring Kitty posted a future viral video laying out the case for why shares of brick-and-mortar video game retailer GameStop Corp. (GME) could soar from $5 to $50 per share in August 2020.

One example is the VanEck Social Sentiment ETF (BUZZ 2.17%), an actively managed portfolio of 75 stocks that rank high in social media conversations. This ETF has an annual expense ratio of 0.75% (meaning it costs $75 per year for every $1,000 invested). GameStop (GME) became a heavily shorted stock due to a decline in foot traffic at malls and dwindling revenues. The short interest, therefore, had grown to over 100% of the shares outstanding. The case that a short squeeze could be precipitated was then developed and touted on Reddit and other investment forums. In addition, big investors, such as Scion Asset Management’s Michael Burry and Chewy co-founder Ryan Cohen, also took long positions.

STR v EURIBOR: the battle of the euro benchmark

what is estr

However, banks developed significant money market activity with other entities, such as money market funds, insurance companies and other financial corporations. For that reason, all of these counterparties play an important role in the wholesale funding mix of banks and are therefore considered relevant for determining wholesale borrowing costs. The ECB makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the currency, accuracy, timeliness, completeness, merchantability or fitness for purpose of the rate or the information. As an alternative to a forward-looking rate, it is possible to use a so-called ‘backward-looking term-rate,’ such as compounding or averaging the overnight rates to create a risk-free rate capable of use in the loan market.

  1. Second, expert judgement, if provided by a central bank, might be interpreted as being related to the (desired) monetary policy stance; this might create, or be perceived as creating, a conflict of interest.
  2. It appears therefore that rather than the creation of an alternative benchmark based on €STR for use in the cash markets in its own right, the Euro Working Group is focusing its attention on reforming and strengthening EURIBOR, perhaps with the intention that it continues to be used in the cash markets.
  3. The compounded €STR average rates and index are published via the ECB’s Market Information Dissemination (MID) platform as well as through the ECB Data Portal.
  4. The difference between trimming at 25% compared to 10% on the trimmed mean is very limited, with only around 0.1 basis points on average (see Second public consultation), while the 25% trimming shows less day to day volatility, and is thus the selected choice for the €STR.
  5. EONIA rates were significantly higher than ESTR, so some contracts might see a difference in the rates they are given.

The rate will be published by the ECB, using algorithms that will prevent the rate being impacted by anomalous trades and patterns.

Register and create your customized data and publication lists, receive notifications on data updates and stay up to date with the ECB Data Portal newsletter. On this page you will find tables and graphs with the current and historical ESTER interest rates. Finally, there are already a number of existing repo benchmarks, which the ECB welcomes as the availability of more benchmarks will allow users to choose the most suitable one for their needs. The ECB identified a need for preliminary figures, called pre-€STR, to be published prior to the full release.

Euro short-term rate – Calculation method, Daily – businessweek

The broad scope of the €STR guarantees that the rate is a fair reflection of the overnight borrowing cost for banks in the wholesale market, in which not only banks but also a number of other different entities interact. Some of these entities may not have access to the Eurosystem monetary policy operations (because they are non-banks or are located outside the euro area), which means that the rates of the Eurosystem facilities will not strictly serve as a lower or upper bound for the rate of their transactions. As a result, such transactions may be conducted at a rate below the deposit facility rate or above the marginal lending facility rate. For example, in conditions of abundant excess liquidity, the €STR would be expected to be below the deposit facility rate.

what is estr

If that were the intention, the scope of the ECB rate would have to be reduced to only the interbank market, where counterparties are banks with access to the ECB facilities. This, however, would result in a lack of data and therefore the final rate may not be considered robust. As explained in the second ECB public consultation, day-to-day fluctuations in volume can be considered part of how markets function. Such changes could relate to calendar effects or local holidays in the various euro area countries. MMSR data show that, even on days with reduced volumes, those volumes are generated by a fairly large number of reporting banks with no additional concentration of activity, therefore a rate calculation based on lower volumes could be seen as robust and unbiased.

Learn about the European Central Bank meeting

Once their daily values are published, both the compounded €STR average rates and the compounded €STR index are considered final; they are not subsequently changed or revised. However, LIBOR started to decline in use following the scandal in 2012, in which major financial institutions manipulated the LIBOR rate. This increased the demand for a transaction-based system and led to the creation of replacement indices. For example, the selected alternative rate in the US is the secured overnight financing rate (SOFR), and the new rate in the UK is the reformed sterling overnight index average (SONIA). The London interbank offered rate (LIBOR) is the average of 35 different benchmark interest rates that cover five major currencies – the US dollar, euro, British pound, Japanese yen and Swiss franc.

what is estr

Now we are faced with the question of whether market participants will cling to EURIBOR or heed to the advice of regulators and move across to risk-free rates. With certain other jurisdictions (such as Australia and Hong Kong) also independently considering a transition to risk-free rates, parties may be incentivised to make the transition now. However, with attention focused on strengthening EURIBOR and little emphasis on developing an €STR rate fit for use in the cash markets, this may be difficult to do. Moreover, trimming is used to reduce the impact of significant outliers on the computation of the €STR; the threshold of 25% was found in the second public consultation to be close to optimal in reducing the variability of the rate in a day to day basis while ensuring a broad calculation basis. The difference between trimming at 25% compared to 10% on the trimmed mean is very limited, with only around 0.1 basis points on average (see Second public consultation), while the 25% trimming shows less day to day volatility, and is thus the selected choice for the €STR. Yet, the critical question for market participants is which option to use – whilst there is encouragement from regulators to move across to risk-free rates (and therefore use €STR), there is the option for continuity and certainty offered by the newly reformed EURIBOR.

The position of the rate in relation to the Eurosystem policy rates, however, does not mean that the rate will be unable to respond to changes in the policy rates. In fact, since the €STR reflects a liquid market with multiple participants and therefore competitive pricing, these prices are expected to follow the direction of the policy rates. A final factor to take into account during any decision-making process is a possible withdrawal of EURIBOR at a later stage. While regulators have been supportive of the reforms to EURIBOR, prior attempts to move to a methodology based entirely on transactional data had proven unsuccessful and we have therefore defaulted to a hybrid methodology.

It may be that overtime, there are deficient levels of transactional data, therefore prompting reliance on level 3 of the hybrid methodology more frequently. Should that be the case, it may be desirable for the market to reconsider its options for EURIBOR and look to other alternatives (such as a forward or backward-looking term rate for €STR). As further evidence of this, it would be remiss not to note that prior to the FCA’s decision to discontinue LIBOR, a hybrid methodology had also been discussed for LIBOR and yet the FCA determined that such an option was not sustainable based on transaction volumes and therefore proposed the discontinuation.

Euro short-term rate – Rate at 75th percentile of volume, Daily – businessweek

However, whilst this would only be feasible once there was sufficient liquidity in the €STR derivatives market, their recommendation was not discussed in the context of a forward-looking €STR term rate for use in the loan market as is being considered for other LIBOR replacement rates. Instead, it was suggested as a fallback for EURIBOR-linked contracts, should EURIBOR be unavailable. It appears therefore that rather than the creation of an alternative benchmark based on €STR for use in the cash markets in its own right, the Euro Working Group is focusing its attention on reforming and strengthening EURIBOR, perhaps with the intention that it continues to be used in the cash markets. The broader scope of the €STR is intended to respond to the developments of the wholesale market in recent years. More specifically, the share of the interbank market in the wholesale market became smaller owing to a reassessment of counterparty risks, changing regulations and liquidity conditions.

EONIA rates were significantly higher than ESTR, so some contracts might see a difference in the rates they are given. However, it is likely that in order to standardise the process, all borrowing contracts will adopt the new interest rates. The data will be completely regulated by the EU’s Money Market Statistical Reporting Regulations, to provide financial stability and be less susceptible to manipulation.

The €STR statement of compliance provides an overview of how the ECB administers the €STR and a self-assessment of how the governance, quality and accountability processes that have been put in place for the €STR comply with each IOSCO principle. The statement has been confirmed by an external audit company in an independent assurance report. The ECB communication policy on €STR takes account of the principles of impartiality, reliability,objectivity and statistical confidentiality. Find background information on the €STR including how to download the latest and previous data.

In the second ECB public consultation, a number of respondents expressed concern that the proposed trimming value of 25% would be too high and could undermine the rate’s representativeness. However, the trimming value does not affect the rate representativeness, and in fact improves the stability and resilience of the €STR. Compounded €STR average rates over standardised tenors, as well as a compounded €STR index, are published in the ECB Data Portal.

Euro Short-Term Rate (ESTR) definition

Below we consider some of the factors that parties may want to take into account when making this important decision. The legal status of the reporting banks as MMSR reporting agents will not change following the release of the €STR. The €STR will be based exclusively on the statistical information on transactions reported to the ECB or the NCBs under the MMSR.

The 47 reporting banks are spread across ten euro area countries (Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Austria and Finland). The ESTR is replacing the previous euro overnight index average (EONIA) and euro interbank offered rate (EURIBOR) to become the benchmark for the European Union (EU) and European Free Trade Association (EFTA). This is because EURIBOR and EONIA failed to meet the requirements set out in the EU’s new benchmark regulations, which states that all interbank rates must be based on data rather than estimates and surveys.

Regarding the representativeness, the trimmed mean – like the arithmetic mean and the median – is a measure of the central tendency of the distribution of rates, and existing MMSR data confirm that the characteristics of the distribution of rates are such that the trimmed mean is a proper measure of this central tendency. Any change in market dynamics that leads to deterioration in market liquidity would need to be considered in a regular or ad-hoc reassessment of the methodology of the rate. The ECB published the €STR for the first time on 2 October 2019, reflecting trading activity on 1 October 2019. Advanced filters do not interact with the filters above and will restrict the original set of results. However, the very limited volumes captured by the MMSR and the quite volatile rate behaviour were seen as reasons not to include short-term papers in the computation of the €STR at this stage.

Limit Up Limit Down Rule

Circuit breakers are in place to prevent additional market volatility. If Level 1 and 2 are breached, trading is halted for a minimum of 15 minutes. If level 3 is breached, trading is halted for the remainder of the day. Free trading of stocks, ETFs, and options refers to $0 commissions for Webull Financial LLC self-directed individual cash or margin brokerage accounts and IRAs that trade thematic investment strategies and etfs by ark invest U.S. listed securities via mobile devices, desktop or website products. Exchanges reserve the right to take the necessary measure to prevent panic selling by invoking Rule 48 and halting trading when the overall stock market has experienced an aggressive downfall. Below are some of the different circuit breaker thresholds on the S&P500, relative to the previous day’s closing price.

Limit Up-Limit Down is a mechanism U.S. securities exchanges use to limit extreme changes in the prices of individual securities. It does this by stopping trades that would take place outside price bands. The bands range above and below a reference price, usually the average trading price during the previous five minutes. When an offer hits the lower edge of the band or a bid touches the upper edge, trading in that security stops for 15 seconds. If the out-of-band offers and bids are not executed or canceled during the 15-second pause, the halt can extend to five minutes. You can ask a financial advisor how to manage your portfolio during volatile market periods for a more personalized approach.

Webull Financial LLC is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ and Cboe EDGX Exchange, Inc (CBOE EDGX). We do not manage client funds or hold custody of assets, we help users connect with relevant financial advisors. For a full list of stock, halts check out the TradeHaltCodes from NASDAQ. We offer multiple ways for you to pass your industry Exam requirements. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best in investing education with a focus on detailed guides in complex financial topics, trading, economics and personal finance. Investors will not be able to purchase or sell shares of particular security until the halt is over.

  1. If an offer reaches the lower price band or a bid reaches the upper price band that stock will enter a limit state (a pause) for 15 seconds.
  2. The rule temporarily halts trades in individual security outside specified price bands.
  3. For a full list of stock, halts check out the TradeHaltCodes from NASDAQ.
  4. When the National Best Bid (Offer) is below (above) the Lower (Upper) Price Band, the SIPs disseminate the National Best Bid (Offer) with an indicator identifying it as unexecutable.
  5. It will also depend on the type of information released by the company.

If the market does not exit a Limit State within 15 seconds, the primary listing exchange declares a five-minute Trading Pause. Customer options orders received by Wells Fargo Advisors are routed to other market centers and exchanges for handling and execution. Although options are not subject to the Limit Up-Limit Down (“LULD”) rules, market centers and exchanges will generally halt trading in options when the underlying security is halted or paused in response to LULD. In the event of such trading halts, Wells Fargo Advisors will continue to accept and route customer options orders.


Working with an adviser may come with potential downsides such as payment of fees (which will reduce returns). There are no guarantees that working with an adviser will yield positive returns. The existence of a fiduciary duty does not prevent the rise of potential conflicts of interest.

News Pending Announcements:

A trading halt is a temporary suspension of trading for specific security due to news, volatility, or regulatory reasons. Trading halts can happen multiple times per day if deemed necessary by FINRA, and usually, last up to an hour. If companies are set to release material news that can impact the price of the stock, they are supposed to call the exchanges, 10 minutes before any news is released for the exchange to halt the stock before the news is released. When a trading halt is in effect for a security, customer orders will not be executed, but Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC (“WFCS”) will continue to accept and route such orders to market centers and exchanges. Customers must use caution when entering orders during a trading halt and are encouraged to use limit orders to protect against significant price changes.

Options market centers and exchanges may reject certain orders, including new “market” orders entered when the underlying security is in a “Limit” or “Straddle” state. The price bands for each security are set at a percentage level above and below a reference price (generally the average trade price over the immediately preceding five-minute period). If the flagged trade is not canceled, a five-minute trading halt begins. When the five minutes end trading will resume unless there’s an imbalance in orders or the price band is still exceeded. Additional five halts occur until the trading price returns to the boundaries of the bands, which may be widened by the exchanges during the halts.

Extreme Levels of Volatility:

Wells Fargo Advisors is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC (WFCS) and Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC, Members SIPC, separate registered broker-dealers and non-bank affiliates of Wells Fargo & Company. WellsTrade® and Intuitive Investor® accounts are offered through WFCS. Securities trading is offered to self-directed customers by Webull Financial LLC, a broker dealer registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Leverage carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors. Greater leverage creates greater losses in the event of adverse market movements. Webull Financial LLC is a member of SIPC, which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 in any cash awaiting reinvestment). An explanatory brochure is available upon request or at Webull Financial LLC’s clearing firm Apex Clearing Corp has purchased an additional insurance policy. The coverage limits provide protection for securities and cash up to an aggregate of $150 million, subject to maximum limits of $37.5 million for any one customer’s securities and $900,000 for any one customer’s cash. Similar to SIPC protection, this additional insurance does not protect against a loss in the market value of securities.

Webull Advisors is an Investment Advisor registered with and regulated by the SEC under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. Trades in your Webull Advisors account are executed by Webull Financial LLC. On May 31, 2012, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved, on a pilot basis, a National Market System Plan, known as the Limit Up/Limit Down (“LULD”) Plan, to address extraordinary market volatility. The Plan was approved as a permanent rule on April 11, 2019.The LULD Plan is administered by the LULD Operating Committee, comprising a representative from each of the Participants. The Plan and any amendments to it are filed with and approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission in accordance with Section 11A of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. This is not an offer to buy or sell any security or interest.

Calculation of Price Bands

Specific protocols for handling orders during “Limit” or “Straddle” states are established by the market centers and exchanges to which we route customer orders. The rule temporarily halts trades in individual security outside specified price bands. The edges of the price bands are pegged as percentage variations from the security’s average trading price during the previous five minutes. Limit Up-Limit Down stops trades from taking place outside a specific range, either up or down, from the average trading price during the previous five minutes. It does this by halting trading in a stock or other security when a bid or offer price touches the upper or lower edges of the band. It may be extended further, in 5-minute increments, if the out-of-band orders are not canceled or executed.

When trading is halted, any pending or open orders may be canceled and any new orders will typically be rejected by the broker. Options trading entails significant risk and is not appropriate for all investors. Option investors can rapidly lose the value of their investment in a short period of time and incur permanent loss by expiration date. You need to complete an options trading application and get approval on eligible accounts. Please read the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options before trading options. Webull Financial, LLC is a CFTC registered Futures Commission Merchant and NFA Member.

If the market does not exit a Limit State within 15 seconds, the Primary Listing Exchange declares a five-minute Trading Pause, which halts trading on all exchanges and off-exchange trading venues where that security is traded. SmartAsset Advisors, LLC (“SmartAsset”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Financial Insight Technology, is registered with the U.S. A Limit Up-Limit Down trading halt is intended to give investors a chance to pause and consider what is driving the price changes.

Limit Up-Limit Down is a procedure for reducing volatility by halting trading in individual securities when prices exceed bands. The price bands are based on the company size, stock price and time of day and may vary from 5% to 150% and below the previous closing price. The length of the trading halt starts at 15 seconds and may extend to five minutes or more.

WestRock Company WRK Company Profile & Facts

what is the symbol of westrock company

The companies will form Smurfit WestRock — set to be one of the largest packaging companies in the world. You have already added five stocks to your watchlist. Upgrade to MarketBeat All Access to add more stocks to your watchlist. WestRock, Smurfit Kappa are in talks to create a company with combined value of roughly $20 billion. Tony Smurfit, CEO of packaging giant Smurfit Kappa, discusses the company’s announcement that they will merge with U.S. peer Westrock.

what is the symbol of westrock company

This suggests that the stock has a possible downside of 16.5%. View analysts price targets for WRK or view top-rated stocks among Wall Street analysts. 7 Wall Street equities research analysts have issued “buy,” “hold,” and “sell” ratings for WestRock in the last year. There are currently 4 hold ratings and 3 buy ratings for the stock.

WestRock stock rallies on $11B merger deal with Smurfit Kappa

Stock buyback plans are often an indication that the company’s board of directors believes its shares are undervalued. 7 Wall Street research analysts have issued 1-year price objectives for WestRock’s stock. Their WRK share price targets range from $32.00 to $48.00. On average, they expect the company’s stock price to reach $40.67 in the next twelve months.

The consensus among Wall Street equities research analysts is that investors should “hold” WRK shares. A hold rating indicates that analysts believe investors should maintain any existing positions they have in WRK, but not buy additional shares or sell existing shares. During times of turbulence and uncertainty in the markets, many investors turn to dividend-yielding stocks.

WestRock Announces Participation in Upcoming Investor Conference

WestRock Company provides corrugated packaging solutions. The Company offers merchandising displays, paperboard, folding cartons, kraft papers, protective packaging, and pulp. WestRock declared a quarterly dividend on Friday, January 26th. Stockholders of record on Friday, February 9th will be given a dividend of $0.3025 per share on Wednesday, February 21st. This represents a $1.21 annualized dividend and a dividend yield of 2.48%.

  1. View analysts price targets for WRK or view top-rated stocks among Wall Street analysts.
  2. As of February 15th, there was short interest totaling 11,270,000 shares, an increase of 79.2% from the January 31st total of 6,290,000 shares.
  3. These are often companies that have high free cash flows and reward shareholders with a high…
  4. WestRock saw a increase in short interest in the month of February.

Approximately 4.4% of the shares of the company are short sold. WestRock’s stock was trading at $41.52 at the beginning of the year. Since then, WRK shares have increased by 17.3% and is now trading at $48.70. According to 9 analysts, the average rating for WRK stock is “Buy.” The 12-month stock price forecast is $40.86, which is a decrease of -16.01% from the latest price. The company is scheduled to release its next quarterly earnings announcement on Thursday, May 2nd 2024.

Smurfit Kappa CEO says Westrock merger will expand U.S. operations, is ‘fantastic’ for shareholders

These are often companies that have high free cash flows and reward shareholders with a high… Packaging company WestRock’s (WRK) shares soared by almost 7% in pre-market trading on Tuesday after a merger announcement with Dublin-based Smurfit Kappa to create the world’s largest listed paper an… WestRock saw a increase in short interest in the month of February. As of February 15th, there was short interest totaling 11,270,000 shares, an increase of 79.2% from the January 31st total of 6,290,000 shares. Based on an average trading volume of 2,510,000 shares, the days-to-cover ratio is presently 4.5 days.

The ex-dividend date of this dividend is Thursday, February 8th. WestRock announced that its board has authorized a stock repurchase plan on Thursday, May 5th 2022, which authorizes the company to buyback 25,000,000 shares, according to EventVestor. This buyback authorization authorizes the company to purchase shares of its stock through open market purchases.